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Sex Doll News: Meet the Silicone New Arrival-Vicky.J

Dragon Boat Festival’s brief holiday has come to a perfect close, and we return to SEDOLL‘s weekly sex doll news. As the height of summer approaches, perhaps it’s the photographer’s special arrangement that this week’s newly launched sex doll seems to carry a thick summer vibe. Who will be the new member joining our family? Let’s look forward to and unveil her mystery.

The Silicone-Pro series welcomes a new sex doll —Vicky.J

  • SKU: SES026
  • Name: Vicky.J
  • Head: #020 (with ROS)
  • Makeup version: J
  • Sister versions: The gentle and dignified Vicky.H, an elegant maid at a coffee shop, whose makeup appears softer compared to Vicky.J. If Vicky.H is the gentle and elegant older sister, then Vicky.J is the free-spirited and wild younger sister.
  • Body specs: 167CM, E-cup, with well-defined abs, both sexy and powerful.
  • Photography theme: Silicone-Pro series Vicky.J as a vacationing bikini girl on a yacht, sporting green hair and a matching bikini, freely roaming the azure coastlines. If the summer breeze had a color, it would surely be the green of freedom, romance, and vitality that Vicky.J displays today.

As the fervor of summer spreads, let us welcome Vicky.J—a new sex doll who brings not only a refreshing touch of green but also an unrestrained, wild charm. We hope her presence will make you pause and appreciate this shade of green.
Stay tuned for more exciting sex doll news and continue to follow our weekly updates to explore more unique sex doll stories.

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