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Sex Doll News: Cool Girl Winola.D and Sweet Yuuka.A Debut

Welcome to this week’s SEDOLL sex doll news, where we delve into the timeless question: Who captures hearts more effectively, the cool girl or the sweet girl? This week sets the stage for a showdown between the two styles—our TPE series is introducing a cool girl dressed in a black leather outfit, while the Silicone-Pro series welcomes a lovable, sweet girl. I’m eagerly waiting to see which sex doll style will be more popular.

TPE New Release—Winola.D


Name: Winola.D
Head: #121
Makeup: D
Body: 163cm, F cup
Sister versions: SED243, SED249, SED264, SED269

Photography Theme: Winola.D getting ready for a bar party, dressed in a strappy leather bodysuit and fishnet stockings, exuding a modern vibe. Her golden wavy hair and dark lipstick, combined with a challenging gaze, are sure to make her the center of attention tonight. If one were to boldly guess Winola.D’s personality, she would undoubtedly be a bold, confident, and slightly rebellious urban fashionista who always manages to set trends in her unique way.

Silicone Pro New Release—Yuuka.A

Name: Yuuka.A
Head: #079 (no ROS)
Makeup: A
Body: 160cm, C cup

Sister versions: Compared to Yuuka.A, Yuuka.H is more exquisite and striking, visible at first glance. In contrast, Yuuka.A displays a different charm—her beauty is innocent and cute, largely conveyed through the photographer’s soft and hazy atmosphere, making her look both beautiful and slightly shy.

Photography Theme: Yuuka.A, a sexy and charming girl under the sun, waking up from a warm bed. In the morning light, her pink silk pajamas sparkle, highlighting her flawless skin. The gentleness and elegance spill out of the frame, and the interplay of light and air adds a subtle romance, creating a captivating scene.

This issue introduces two sex dolls with distinct personalities—the independent and stylish cool girl, Winola.D, and the pure and sweet Yuuka.A. Both are designed to appeal to a broad audience, whether you prefer boldness or gentleness. The simultaneous release of new models in both the TPE and Silicone-Pro series further enriches our product line. Stay tuned for more exciting sex doll news next week, and look forward to more thrilling updates.

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