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Sex Doll News: Dual Series Updates And New Option

As summer approaches and the unpredictable weather of June looms, we at SEDOLL are ever ready to embrace each challenge and opportunity that comes our way. This summer, let us together welcome the enthusiasm and vitality of the new season. This week, we are excited to introduce two striking new sex dolls to our family. Let’s dive into their unique allure and stories.

New Member in TPE Series — Heloise.J

  • SKU: SED304
  • Name: Heloise.E
  • Head: #110
  • Makeup version: E
  • Sister versions: The dramatic Heloise.F, who carries a mysterious and slightly dangerous charm.
  • Body specs: 163CM, D cup (with defined abs), featuring a voluptuous physique with distinct muscle definition, exuding a strong sense of power.
  • Photography theme: Heloise.E is engaged in hiking, wearing a sun hat and comfortable athletic gear. This setup perfectly aligns with her sporty demeanor, with her muscular definition being a testament to her athletic spirit.

New Member in Silicone-Pro Series — Jenny.A

  • SKU: SES025
  • Name: Jenny.A
  • Head: #088SO (with ROS)
  • Makeup version: A
  • Sister versions: The boxer Jenny.K and the home-loving, melancholic Jenny.J
  • Body specs: 167CM, E cup, a tall silicone body also featuring abs.
  • Photography theme: Jenny.A transforms into a dazzling idol on stage, performing at a concert, her youthful and vibrant presence captivating all who watch.

New Option in TPE Series — STPE

Recently, SEDOLL has introduced a significant upgrade to the TPE material — STPE. This new material maintains the softness and hypoallergenic properties of TPE but significantly improves durability and realism. STPE offers superior softness, more intricate skin textures, reduced oiliness, and enhanced flexibility, allowing for more natural movements and poses. Additionally, SEDOLL’s STPE dolls come standard with realistic body makeup, further enhancing their overall aesthetic and realism. This upgrade marks a significant technological advancement in our TPE series.

This week, we welcomed the newest sex dolls of the SEDOLL TPE and Silicone-Pro series, each new member bringing their unique charm and style. Whether it’s the outdoor-loving Heloise.E or the center-stage Jenny.A, they each interpret beauty in their own ways. We also briefly introduced STPE as an innovative option in the TPE series, along with the previously launched Waist-spin Sexbot option, enriching our TPE series further. Stay tuned for more exciting content in our next issue, it’s not to be missed.

Recent New Arrivals

Resin Head Stand
Artistic head stand featuring a unique shoulder lift design that not only showcases the sex doll’s head at the optimal angle but also enhances the overall aesthetic. This stand is not just functional, but a beautiful piece of art. Available in four colors to perfectly match your sex doll.

June Promotions

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