Sex Doll Tips: Ordinary VS Upgraded Heating Rod

Ordinary heating rod 

(For TPE Dolls)

1/ Constant temperature:

After 15 minutes the temperature will be maintained at about 35 degrees.


2/ No automatic power-off:

Need to be disconnected after about 30 minutes.
There is a risk of low-temperature burning and melting after heating too long.


Upgraded heating rod

(For TPE Dolls)

1/ Upgraded appearance:

Upgraded color scheme (off-white + metallic champagne) to improve the overall texture;
Upgraded shape is more in line with the vagina design;
Extended USB cable for easy connection.

2/ Automatic power-off:

In about 30 minutes, the heating rod reaches 70 degrees Celsius and automatically powers off
(the surface temperature of the doll is less than 40 degrees Celsius).

3/ Automatic heating:

The temperature will gradually cool down after reaching the maximum value and resume heating after reaching room temperature. The repeated cyclic process should not exceed 2 hours.

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