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Jacey: A Ray of Sunshine in a World of Luck

Jacey is undeniably a remarkable individual—a living embodiment of extraordinary luck. This fact became evident to me from the moment we crossed paths. Her inherent kindness not only rescued me from the depths of despair but also left a lasting impression that redefined my perception of luck.


As I gradually got to know her and delved deeper into her world, I found myself grappling with the question of how to describe her. If the weather forecast predicted an 80% chance of rain, Jacey was the 20% where the sun would invariably shine. Her cheerful disposition, contagious as sunlight, radiated warmth wherever she went.

Much like everyone else, Jacey followed the conventional educational path for many years. Over a decade and a half, she consistently garnered praise from her educators and amassed an impressive collection of certificates and accolades. Simultaneously, she effortlessly forged numerous friendships. Following her college graduation, she made a career choice that epitomized her pursuit of happiness—opting for a job with flexible hours that conveniently brought her closer to home. Her journey, which began with an abundance of luck, continued to unfold seamlessly, leading her to a fulfilling and prestigious job.

Jacey‘s life seemed to be a cascade of fortunate events. She radiated a warm and sunny disposition, which in itself felt like a stroke of luck for anyone who had the privilege of knowing her. After enduring the rigors of work and life, I often sought refuge at her home, which was yet another stroke of luck. Invariably, her parents mirrored her sunny temperament. They’d graciously welcome me with fresh flowers and delectable treats. Nevertheless, on one particular day, something was noticeably different—the freshly cropped hair of Jacey. Up until that moment, she had always sported long, flowing locks, and my initial impression of her was one of quiet elegance. This unexpected change piqued my curiosity.

“Why did you decide to cut your hair?” I inquired.

She responded with a characteristic twinkle in her eye, “My mom had just finished trimming our dog’s fur, and it occurred to me that cutting a dog’s hair should be similar to cutting a human’s hair. So, I asked my mom for a little trim.”

Jacey‘s cheerful and sunny disposition was infectious, even if her occasional unconventional ideas veered from the norm. Sitting there, sipping on coffee brewed by Jacey‘s mom and admiring Jacey and her dog with matching new hairstyles, I couldn’t help but smile.