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SEDOLL’s Dolls Ready for Their US Adventure

SEDOLL has recently been preparing inventory for its US site, and finally, the time has come to begin packing and shipping. Despite the scorching summer, our team is diligently packaging dolls for overseas delivery. The workload this time is substantial, and the challenging weather undoubtedly adds to the intensity of the task. Our staff is continuously packing, transporting, and enduring the sensation of sweat-soaked backs.

Fortunately, this type of work is temporary. This overseas shipment involves a large-scale doll reserve transportation, intended for SEDOLL’s US warehouse to support the operation of the SEDOLL store. This implies that when you place an order in the store, you can anticipate a shorter waiting time to receive the doll, provided your address is within the United States.


As the sun sets behind the mountains, the evening sky remains a sight worth lingering over. Doll packaging is nearly complete, label information is accurately matched, and with the final inspection scheduled for tomorrow, the dolls’ journey across the United States is about to commence. I believe that each and every doll will come to life, becoming companions to their respective owners, listening to their life stories, witnessing their experiences, and adding a touch of brilliance to their lives with their own narratives—vivid and colorful, or simple and carefree.

I extend my warmest wishes to all departing dolls, hoping for their smooth journey ahead. To all doll enthusiasts, I send my best wishes as well. May everyone find the doll that perfectly suits them and experience happiness and joy. SEDOLL remains committed to its original mission: optimizing design, carefully selecting products, ensuring quality control, conducting rigorous inspections, providing patient service, and offering more secure products for all doll lovers.