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Top 6 Elf Sex Dolls From SEDOLL

Although the proportion of elf sex dolls in the sex doll market is not large, the development of elf dolls does add an indispensable highlight to the sex doll market. Elf sex dolls on the market can be roughly divided into three types, vampire elves, petite elves with pointed ears, and big elves with adult figures. SEDOLL’s six elf dolls have covered two of them, among which the most popular ones are Samantha and Elsa with facial patterns.


Samantha is a petite elf with horns and a black pattern on her face. We all call her the “Black Elf”, with a body of 150cm, which makes her look petite and cute. It is not difficult to imagine her flying through the forest and fields. Samantha is the most popular elf in the elf sex doll list, black and purple are her theme colors, just as she owns power and mysterious temperament. The body supports various options such as shrug, tongue, heating, etc. Your choice is making Samantha infinitely close to reality!


Elsa is an evil elf born on Halloween. The blood-colored lips were slightly raised, and the irregular scratches on the eyes seemed to exist to cover up the scars, and Elsa was spreading “danger” signs all over her body. You can choose an extra tooth suit for Elsa, and it is best to let her return to the horror and grotesque atmosphere of Halloween to release her evil power. If you want to reform her, maybe you can dress her up in another style. Who says Elsa can’t turn over a new leaf?


Olivia, who has long purple hair, is often called the “Purple Elf”. And due to her fresh and beautiful face, she is also prone to be called the “white elf”. Olivia’s raspberry-like small nipples are very tempting, you can knead her breasts, or take pictures of Olivia’s matching style, or just put it at home to watch and accompany. Olivia looks kind and intelligent, probably because she doesn’t have any facial patterns, so she will not be preconceived by facial patterns to determine her personality.


Amanda with a crown and heart-shaped facial pattern is very affinity. The elven body with the shrugging function has won the hearts of many photographers, and the upgraded skeleton allows Amanda to challenge more poses. After choosing the voice function, you must look forward to Amanda’s beautiful voice.


Luis is a big elf with a figure close to an ordinary woman. Her head size only allows her to be fitted with a 160cm+ body. Compared with the petite elves, Luis’s advantage is that she can freely switch between humans and elves, as she has no facial patterns and her head is too large. So she can also pretend to be an ordinary woman. As you can imagine, she wears a sports suit and goes to the park to exercise like an ordinary sexy woman.


Sylph is known as the “White Elf” because of the white pattern that crosses her face. Compared to other facial textures, Sylph’s facial pattern may not be bold enough and lack visual impact, but she do give people a fairy-like feeling. And under Sylph’s weak appearance, she is actually an elf who makes good use of wind to resist enemies. You can check the story about her.